Stellar (XLM) introduces Horizon 2.0 update

Stellar (XLM) introduces Horizon 2.0 update


The Stellar team announced the Horizon 2.0 update via Twitter. 

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) cited details of the Horizon 2.0 update. According to the statement, stellar's structure was revised and a more flexible and user-friendly system was designed.

Stellar developers have designed a brand new Stellar ecosystem by completely replacing the API server Horizon architecture. In this context, communication between stellar Core and Stellar-based applications will be maintained with a more flexible system. The Stellar team announced the Horizon 2.0 update via Twitter.

Do You Want To Run A Confirmator Or Just Horizon ?

According to an official blog post by the Stellar (XLM) team, the New Horizon 2.0 with API server has been activated and is working. Before all this, the need for stellar confirmatory requirements to interact with blockchain disappeared. However, running a fully authorized validator does not make sense for most usage scenarios. Thus, with Horizon 2.0, the API implementation can be enabled separately. With Horizon, a customer can monitor actions on the network, send new transactions, and discover the current state of the blockchain.

Requirements Reduced While Making Installation Easier

With the new update, Stellar (XLM) introduced a modular architecture that optimizes interaction between parts of the blockchain system. The new version of Stellar Core, called Captive Core, processes the notebooks completely into memory, so there is no need to maintain a separate Core DB. “Ingestion”, the process of connecting to network devices that takes weeks, even on state-of-the-art machines, will now be reduced to shorter times with the new version. In addition, the stellar Core operating principle can produce much more efficient results in terms of memory.

Finally, according to CoinMarketCap data, Stellar (XLM) is the 11th most valuable by market capitalization. cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, Stellar's price was at $ 0.42. The new update has caused a huge stir among XLM followers.

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