They Cheated Because Of Elon Musk

5 Bitcoins Snatched To Fraudster Site Claiming To Instantly Give Back Twice As Much Bitcoin As You Threw At Elon Musk


There was another example of fraud that required you to pay attention when browsing the internet. Fraudsters who set up a site to instantly get 2 times the Bitcoin you threw at Elon Musk managed to get 5 Bitcoins from a person with this method. 

Cryptocurrencies, which have become popular again in recent months and are currently very much on the agenda, are whetting the appetite of millions of people who want to quickly fold the money in their hands. In recent years, the people who have made the right investments in this regard have become rich in cryptocurrencies, while the fact that tracking these currencies is quite difficult or even impossible also paves the way for fraudsters to operate in this area.

Especially in recent days, Elon Musk's investments in cryptocurrencies and his statements on his Twitter account have helped to fold the value of these coins very quickly. Here are some scammers who know the opportunity to trick people who think they will make money in an easy way by creating a site with the motto" instantly get 2 times the Bitcoin you threw at Elon Musk". In the latest incident, a person sent 5 Bitcoins to scammers, who he believed would get 2 times back from Elon Musk. 5 Bitcoins, currently worth more than 250 thousand dollars, did not return, of course, 2 times.

It is useful to be wary of such scams

In such cases of fraud, which we have recently started to hear more often, malicious people can collect large sums of money using the names of famous people. Remember, the internet is full of people trying to trick people who want to make money the easy way. Especially the fact that cryptocurrencies are close to impossible to track makes these scams easier.

Of course, such acts of fraud do not only occur in cryptocurrencies or on the internet. You can also face scams in the style of calling you on the phone and saying, "you have won a free holiday, you just need to pay your tax." For this reason, whether it's cryptocurrency or different ways, we recommend that you don't give anyone the money you have for the sake of earning more. Remember that fraudsters are behind almost all such incidents.

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